Stage 4

Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR:
From Donostia/San Sebastián to Vitoria-Gasteiz

Reconnecting with your senses.

Etapa 4 - Donostia - Gasteiz
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Etapa 4 - Donostia - Gasteiz
Recommended duration: 4 days
How to get around: Public transportation and private vehicle
Journey: 164 km
Main attractives: Cuisine, wine tourism, nature, art, and culture.

What to Do from Lekeitio to Zarautz

Explore the stage that connects nature and tradition.

Open your eyes. Do you see bountiful grazing lands?

Look beyond. See the hermitage rising up on the hill.

Get your boots on. Can you feel the soil and leaves under your feet as you walk along the trail?

And now listen closely. Do you hear the river winding through the valley?

Listen a moment longer until you hear how the wind rustles the branches of the beech, oak, chestnut, and pine tress…

What does it smell of? It smells of the firewood of the baserri (farmhouse) that rises up majestically to contrast with the monotone green of the meadow. It smells of the beans in Tolosa that are slow cooked for hours over low heat. It smells of a smoky Idiazabal cheese.

It also tastes of salt, like that found in Leintz Gatzaga’s salt mines. It tastes of Gorrotxategi chocolate and Eceiza petit fours. It tastes of talo, the traditional Basque cornbread made in the Goierri style.

This route is savoured slowly so as not to miss even a single hue or detail of the natural beauty that no one has dared touch. A route with time taken to appreciate the region’s cultural and architectural riches, such as Oñati’s Historical Artistic Site and Arantzazu’s imposing sanctuary sculpted by Oteiza.

Enjoy a sea of tranquillity Enjoy a sea of mountains. Enjoy a sea of clouds.

The essentials you can’t miss

Tour and highlights

From Donostia/San Sebastian to Vitoria-Gasteiz, reconnecting with your senses. Green meadows and the Sanctuary of Arantzazu passing through Ordizia and Tolosa, an unforgettable journey! Reconnecting with your senses. An experience for all the senses!

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Map - Stage 4 - Donostia - Gasteiz

What to Visit between Donostia/San Sebastian and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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What to Do from Donostia/San Sebastian to Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Where to eat

Gastronomy is an essential part of the culture and tradition of the different stops along the route between Donostia/San Sebastian and Vitoria-Gasteiz. With a wide range of options to suit all tastes and budgets, every visit becomes an opportunity to delight the palate with the best of our local cuisine. In order to guarantee the quality of your culinary experience, we recommend visiting Euskadi Gastronomika, where you will find a selection of certified establishments that stand out for their excellence and commitment to the authenticity of Basque cuisine. On this route through the regions of Tolosaldea, Goierri and Alto Deba, you will find some of the most unique products of the Basque Country.

Discover the 4 restaurants you can't miss on your way from Donostia/San Sebastian to Vitoria-Gasteiz:

Basque cuisine: what not to miss.

Tolosa Beans are a variety of black bean, famous for their buttery texture and intense flavour. Traditionally, they are cooked slowly and served as the headline dish at festivals and family gatherings. The best places to try them are the sagardotegis (cider houses) and local restaurants in Tolosa, where they are prepared according to traditional recipes, often accompanied by cabbage, Ibarra chilli peppers and pork. Discover some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy this exquisite dish all year round.

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