Basque Cuisine

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Unique Gastronomic Experiences

Kaitxo, a name that resonates with the art of good coffee and chocolate, is made with passion and tradition in Balmaseda.
Admire the majesty of Bizkaia's tallest peak, a symbol of Basque singularity and a paradise for lovers of the outdoors.
An immersive experience in the world of chocolate. This interpretation centre located in Oñati offers a detailed view of the history and production of chocolate, with demonstrations and tastings for visitors.
Take part in a workshop where you will learn how to make talo, a traditional Basque corn bread. This activity offers a hands-on experience in Basque cooking, allowing you to enjoy your own creation with delicious fillings.
The Idiazabal Cheese Route crosses the region, from the cheese dairies located in small rural villages to the latxa sheep grazing areas.
Learn about the history and production of Idiazabal cheese at the Idiazabal Cheese Interpretation Centre. The Idiazabal Cheese Interpretation Centre is a museum located in the town of Idiazabal, in the province of Gipuzkoa.