Stage 2

Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR:
From Lekeitio to Zarautz

the Basque Country in Blue and Green

Etapa 2 - Lekeitio - Zarautz
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Etapa 2 - Lekeitio - Zarautz
Recommended duration: 3 days
How to get around: Public transportation and private vehicle.
Journey: 86,5 km
Main attractives: Coastline, cuisine, sport, nature, art, and culture

What to Do from Lekeitio to Zarautz

Peaks and valleys. Maritime buzz and secluded country homes. The whale hunters of yesteryear and a mouse in Getaria. The creativity of Balenciaga competing with the capricious forms of the Basque Coast Geopark. The sea and mountains. Lighthouses and basilicas. Nature and culture. Green and blue.

Follow a route of contrasts that will lead you through a land both singular and multifaceted.

It is a land of universal figures like Juan Sebastián Elcano and St. Ignatius of Loyola. A land of Deba’s prehistoric caves and fishing villages. A land of landscapes sculpted by the winds of 60 million years. A land of days lunching on beans cooked over a slow fire and dining on fresh fish that needs nothing more than the kiss of a grill.

You’ll see how you can have a full palette of colours, stories, sounds, and flavours in a single day.

The essentials you can’t miss

Tour and highlights

Travel the second stage of the Grand Tour from Lekeitio to Zarautz, discovering landscapes full of contrasts and unique flavors on your trip.

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Map - Stage 2 - Lekeitio - Zarautz

What to see between Lekeitio and Zarautz

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What to Do from Lekeitio to Zarautz

Whether you like to enjoy activities your way or prefer to do them on a guided basis, explore all the things you can do while discovering the wonders of the Basque coast.

Where to eat

Some of the recommended restaurants on this stage of the route:

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Basque cuisine: what not to miss.

Discover unique flavours with local products such as mackerel, anchovies, Getaria peas and cod. Enjoy this stage in which you will explore the flavours of the Basque Country’s famous ports: Lekeitio, Ondarroa, Mutriku, Zumaia and Getaria.

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