Stage 3

Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR:
From Zarautz to Donostia/San Sebastián

With lots of taste.

Etapa 3 - Zarautz - Donostia
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Etapa 3 - Zarautz - Donostia
Recommended duration: 3 days
How to get around: Public transportation and private vehicle
Journey: 87 km
Main attractives: Cuisine, wine tourism, and art

What to Do from Lekeitio to Zarautz

Savor traditional cuisine that will make you travel back in time.

This is where you will understand that eating is more than just food. This is where you will understand that eating is more than just food.

These are rituals, customs that we are not willing to lose, like ceremonies celebrated with the same gusto in txoko (Basque gastronomical society) kitchens as in the great temples of haute cuisine.

Here, cider is not just fermented apple juice. It means sharing a table and a song in an Astigarraga or Hernani cider house, getting in line for the “txotx” from the kupela (barrel), and returning to your place before the cod omelette gets cold.

Here, the txuletón (steak) is served with coarse salt on a stone, substantial like the works of Chillida Leku and the Arditurri mines in Oiartzun, millennia-old witnesses of history.

Here, the txakoli and pintxos from tavern to tavern pair perfectly with the white houses of Hondarribia’s fisherman’s neighbourhood, La Marina. And the grilled sea bream and Orio elvers are majestic, like the Aitzondo waterfall.

After all of this, who wouldn’t enjoy a stroll along the bay of La Concha to see the Comb of the Wind?

The essentials that you cannot miss

Tour and highlights

Discover the most tasteful stage in Euskadi – Basque Country Grand Tour. From Zarautz to Donostia/San Sebastián, a journey through exquisite gastronomy and the impressive Basque coast, where each step delights with authentic flavors and sea views.

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Map - Stage 3 - Zarautz - Donostia

What to visit between Zarautz and Donostia/San Sebastian

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Discover what to do from Zarautz to Donostia/San Sebastián

Whether you like to enjoy activities your way or prefer to do them on a guided basis, explore all the things you can do while discovering the wonders of the Basque coast.

Where to eat

This list of recommendations of where to eat on your route from Zarutz to Donostia / San Sebastián will help you to enjoy the most typical dishes of the area.

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Basque cuisine: what not to miss.

We are at the stage of the route famous for its rich gastronomy, with outstanding products such as txuleta (ox ribeye steak), the famous gilda, grilled fish, cider and pintxos. These delicacies represent the tradition and flavour of a region known for its culinary excellence.

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