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Chocolate Interpretation Centre, “Txokolateixia”

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An immersive experience in the world of chocolate.

An immersive experience in the world of chocolate. This interpretation centre located in Oñati offers a detailed view of the history and production of chocolate, with demonstrations and tastings for visitors. 

The Chocolate Interpretation Centre in Oñati, known as the Txokolateixia, is located in the former headquarters of the Chocolatería Orbea. It is a space dedicated to the town’s rich chocolate history. The centre exhibits everything from antique chocolate tools to historical documents and advertising material that illustrate the evolution of chocolate since the 20th century. Over the centuries, it has maintained traditional and artisan methods of chocolate production, a testimony to Oñati’s rich cultural and gastronomic legacy. 

During your visit you will find old chocolate pots, grinders, metates, moulds or stones, which were used to grind cocoa. These are items that are on display together with documents that take the viewer back to the 20th century. .. 

Posters, advertisements, prints and photos with cocoa or chocolate motifs will transport you in a time machine..

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