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A must-see destination located in the heart of Gipuzkoa, this historic town is known for its weekly market dating back to the 13th century. In the heart of Ordizia, the Old Town invites you to stroll through its cobblestone streets, where an impressive tapestry of medieval and renaissance architecture unfurls before you.

This journey brings you to the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, a magnificent example of Basque religious architecture that is of particular note thanks to its beauty and historical significance. No less impressive is the Barrena Palace, a gem of the Renaissance that captures the essence of the region’s history and art. Each of these places offers a unique view into Ordizia’s past. Each of these places offers a unique view into Ordizia’s past. In April, Ordizia celebrates Shepherd’s Day..

Shepherd’s Day is an annual festival that celebrates young Idiazabal cheese, which was started in 1995 by the Ordizia Idiazabal Cheese Association and the Protected Designation of Origin. This event honours shepherds, promotes Idiazabal cheese, and marks the annual launch following the curing period. The festival includes a prominent figure who cuts the cheese and pays tribute to shepherds and those that promote the cheese. This day symbolises the cheese tradition, quality, and heritage of the region.

Shepherd’s Day in Ordizia has no fixed date during the year; it is celebrated around the appropriate time when the new Idiazabal cheese is ready after curing, which is generally in April.