Sweets from Tolosa

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Tolosa, the sweet capital of the Basque Country, is known, among other delicacies, for its exquisite tejas and cigarrillos (“tiles and cigarettes”). This traditional dessert, made with butter, almonds and egg yolk, was created at the request of the Casa Julián Steakhouse, which was looking for a light and simple dessert to accompany its famous steak menu.

The original recipe for Tolosa tejas and cigarrillos was created by Luis Eceiza, son of the founder of the Nicolás Eceiza patisserie and a good friend of Julián Rivas, founder of the Casa Julián Steakhouse.

Eceiza was inspired by a Catalan recipe to create the tiles. However, he modified them until he found the result we know today: a dry paste with almonds, bathed in egg yolk and a mild citrus touch.

In search of a dessert to complement the tiles, Eceiza created the butter cigarettes. These are thinner and crispier than the tiles, and have a more intense buttery flavour.

The tejas and cigarrillos of Tolosa have become a symbol of the city. They can be found in the best patisseries in Tolosa and in many other places around the world.

In short, when you are on your journey through stage 4 of the Basque Country Grand Tour and you find yourself in Tolosa, don’t forget to try them!