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Visit to the Chillida factory: Chillida Lantoki

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What to do > Cultural Heritage > Visit to the Chillida factory: Chillida Lantoki

Discover Chillida Lantoki: the Museum of Art and Industry in Legazpi

Visit Chillida Lantoki, a unique experience where art meets industry in the heart of Legazpi. This innovative museum, housed in a reconstructed factory, is a tribute to the life and work of the illustrious Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

Known worldwide for his monumental sculptures, Chillida is a key figure in contemporary art whose works are exhibited in squares and internationally renowned museums.

Explore the space where Chillida fused creativity and metal, contemplate the machines of the Great Forge and enter the paper and forge workshops that were essential to his creative process.

In addition, you can see exclusive interviews with the workers who shared his vision and technique. Plan your visit to Chillida Lantoki, a must for lovers of art and industrial history. Secure your experience by booking in advance and check fares to plan your trip.

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