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What to eat in Euskadi - Basque Country

This cheese is a true testimony to the tradition and biodiversity of Gorbeia, offering visitors a unique tasting of the area's culinary heritage.
Traditionally roasted on grills (known as “sardiñeras”) on the streets and in homes, sardines represent the simplicity and richness of Basque cuisine.
St George's Mushroom, known in different places as perretxiko, moixernó or Udaberriko Ziza Zuri, is a mycological treasure, highly appreciated and sought after by enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
The mantecadas are the emblematic and most distinguished sweet of the town, known in the region for being comparable in shape to a muffin or a sobao pasiego, but distinguished by a unique flavour.
The Pinto Bean from Alava plays a leading role in many traditional Basque and Alavese dishes.
Tolosa, the sweet capital of the Basque Country, is known, among other delicacies, for its exquisite tejas and cigarrillos (“tiles and cigarettes”). This traditional dessert, made with butter, almonds and egg yolk, was created at the request of the Casa Julián Steakhouse, which was looking for a light and simple dessert to accompany its famous steak menu.