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Oñati is a historic town located in the heart of Gipuzkoa surrounded by an unrivalled natural landscape.

Its historic centre was declared a Historical Artistic Site, and is home to rich architectural and cultural heritage.

Oñati is a town of great interest to tourists thanks to its variety of attractions.

Some of its most noteworthy include: the Universidad Sancti Spiritus, the Bidaurreta Monastery, the San Miguel Parish, the Palacio de los Mondragón, and the Arantzazu Sanctuary.

Not far from the Sanctuary, you will find the Arrikrutz Cave, a perfect spot to marvel at and explore, with its extraordinary karst formations and imposing stalactites, offering a unique experience in a subterranean environment of singular beauty.

Did you know that Oñati is known as the “Town of Chocolate”? This is due to the fact that the origins of chocolate in Oñati go back many, many years, and proof of this are the maps and cocoa routes from the 18th century, as well as abundant documentation, films, books and recipes.

The documents in the Chocolate Interpretation Centre, located in the historic Chocolatería Orbea, attest to its rich, sweet heritage. With cacao routes and maps from the 18th century, and a collection of documents and recipes, the centre brings to life the city’s chocolate-making past, highlighting the contributions of local families. Meanwhile, the presence of the Natra factory, previously Zahor, stands as the standard bearer of this living tradition.