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Rafa Gorrotxategi’s Chocolate Museum

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Discover the history of chocolate and its centuries-long relationship with the Basque Country.

During this visit you will explore part of the sweet history of Tolosa and learn about the art of chocolate making with renowned chocolatier Rafa Gorrotxategi, tasting some of the best chocolate creations.

The Rafa Gorrotxategi Chocolate Museum offers you a historical journey through the production of chocolate, from pre-Columbian metates to modern electric bakeries. It includes areas dedicated to beeswax, mills and mortars, roasters and a special chocolate workshop by Ignacio Garmendia.

The personal collection of Rafa Gorrotxategi, a third-generation chocolatier, includes chocolate pots, grinders and various utensils, capturing more than thirty years of history and love for chocolate.

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