Stage 7

Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR:
From Orduña to Bilbao

A journey between beginnings and the future

Etapa 6 - Orduña - Bilbao
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Etapa 6 - Orduña - Bilbao
Recommended duration: 3 days
How to get around: Public transportation and private vehicle
Journey: 132,5 km
Main attractives: Nature, art, and culture

From the Middle Ages to Bilbao

From the simple, robust architecture of traditional Basque country homes to the futuristic forms of Frank Gehry, twisting titanium to give shape to Bilbao’s flagship structure.

From a natural park that reminds us of the past we came from, to a technology park where the future is being built every day.

This stage of your journey is where the rural and urban worlds join hands to regale us with a trip of infinite contrasts.

Towns that have remained intact since the medieval age, and urban centres that have reinvented themselves to become 21st-century cosmopolitan cities.

It is quite easy to stroll through Artziniega and imagine the people that walked along its cobbled streets in the Middle Ages, or all those that passed over Balmaseda’s majestic Old Bridge spanning the Cadagua river.

Most certainly, if those inhabitants of old Bizkaia travelled in time to see Bilbao today, they wouldn’t believe their eyes.

Take full advantage, because you can make this trip through time in no time at all with this stage of the Basque Country Grand Tour: a journey between beginnings and the future.

The essentials you can’t miss

Tour and highlights

Travel through the 7th stage of the Basque Country Grand Tour on a route full of contrasts that allows us to travel both to the past and to the future. Discover both the most rural Bizkaia and the most modern Bilbao on this journey.

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Map - Stage 7 - Orduña - Bilbao

What to visit between Orduña and Bilbao

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What to Do from Orduña to Bilbao

Where to eat

On this route from Orduña to Bilbao we offer you 5 options that answer questions about where to eat and where to enjoy the most typical food of Basque Country.

Follow your Route!

Basque cuisine: what not to miss.

During this stage you can continue tasting Txakoli in Artziniega. Don’t forget to try the emblematic Sardines as you pass through Santurtzi. On your visit to Bilbao you can continue with the pintxo routes.

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