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For centuries, the town of Segura has marked the route between Castile and France, preserving its rich legacy through its impressive palaces and noble houses.

Places like Ardixarra Palace, which is home to the Medieval Performance Centre, and Lardizabal Palace that now serves as Town Hall, are clear examples of the location’s architectural grandeur.

The Parochial Church of the Assumption also adds to the town’s historical richness, all framed by an urban centre that maintains its distinctive almond shape.

During your visit to Segura, don’t miss the Ardixarra or Don Garci house, which is one of the few remaining examples of urban architecture that brings together workshop and home.

In addition, Segura stands out thanks to its moving Holy Week processions, with ten solemn processions that pass through the streets every Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Among them, of particular note is the imposing figure of Jesus Christ Crucified, the work of renowned Seville-native sculptor Juan Martínez Montañés.

In addition, the town decks itself out to celebrate other significant festivities such as Saint Nicholas Day and the Basque Country baile al suelto championship.

No less important is the town’s medieval fair, an event that revives the spirit and atmosphere of the Middle Ages in every corner of Segura.