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Visit to the Igartubeiti Farmhouse (Baserria)

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What to do > Cultural Heritage > Visit to the Igartubeiti Farmhouse (Baserria)

A journey back in time to traditional Basque rural life.

To visit the Igartubeiti farmhouse is to immerse yourself in Basque tradition, making your own apple juice in a historical setting that revives the traditional cider-making method.

You can also enjoy a guided tour of the farmhouse-museum, a 16th century cider press farmhouse.

A cider press farmhouse is a type of traditional Basque farmhouse that has facilities for cider production.

Characteristic of the region, these farmhouses contain a cider press, which is the space and mechanism used to press the apples and produce the juice that will later be fermented to become cider.

They are buildings emblematic of Basque culture, combining housing with cider making, reflecting the importance of this drink in the local tradition and economy.

Igartubeiti, a 16th-century jewel, captures the essence of Basque farmhouses. It retains its authenticity with a wooden structure and cider press, reflecting the rural life of the 17th century.

Now a museum, it will allow you to immerse yourself in Basque history, offering a unique cultural experience.

Discover the architecture and traditions that make Igartubeiti an outstanding representative of Basque heritage.

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