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Idiazabal Cheese Route

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Descubre varias queserías en la Ruta del Queso Idiazabal

The Idiazabal Cheese Route crosses the region, from the cheese dairies located in small rural villages to the latxa sheep grazing areas.

The approximate duration may vary depending on the specific itinerary you choose, but it can generally be experienced in one day or spread out for a more in-depth and relaxed experience over several days.

During the Route you will have the opportunity to get to know the Idiazabal Cheese production cycle from beginning to end, starting with the Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Parks where the latxa sheep graze, the cheese dairies where it is made, the markets where it is sold, in particular the Ordizia market, up to the town that gives it its name, Idiazabal.

The Idiazabal Cheese Route offers total flexibility in its design: you can choose the start and finish, accommodation and duration. You will receive a “kit” with a passport that will get stamped, a T-shirt and a map. When you complete it, you will get half an Idiazabal cheese and cider.

During the route you will be able to visit, among others, numerous cheese dairies such as:

  • – Otatza cheese dairy in Ordizia: Joseba Insausti makes traditional and mountain Idiazabal cheeses, offering a tasting of his varieties.
  • – J.Aranburu cheese dairy in Idiazabal: Known for its national and international prizes, it allows you to discover the production process and taste different cheeses.
  • – Ondarre cheese dairy in Segura: Eneko Goiburu shows the traditional pastoral life and the artisan production of cheese, ending with a tasting.
  • – Garoa cheese dairy in Zerain: It offers a complete experience from shepherding to cheese making, with an emphasis on sustainability and authentic flavours.
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