Stage 8

Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR:
From Lekeitio to Vitoria-Gasteiz

a legendary journey

Etapa 8 - Vitoria - Orduña
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Etapa 8 - Vitoria - Orduña
Recommended duration: 2 days
How to get around: Public transportation and private vehicle.
Journey: 164 km
Main attractives: nature

Travelto the green lung of Euskadi

Legend has it that there once lived a character of monumental strength and size in the forests of Gorbeia. It was the Basajaun, “Lord of the Forests” and protector of the herds that would announce his presence by ringing their cowbells.

Meanwhile, Mari, the queen of nature and all ofits different elements lived in the Anboto sierra. She looked after all the houses that hung an Eguzkilore (magic flower) on their door to protect against the force of evil Gaueko, the spirit of the night..

Of course, there are more legends of all kinds in the Basque Country, including those forged between the walls of a frontón (court) in Markina-Xemein, known as the “University of Basque Pelota”. This was the birth place of the Jai Alai greats that transformed our quintessential Basque sport into an international discipline.

Can you imagine a route through all these diverse stories and so many more?

Can you imagine the stories, of Urkiola pastors, Lekeitio fishermen, Elorrio renaissance palaces, or the Santa María cathedral in Vitoria-Gasteiz?

On this last stage of the Basque Country Grand Tour, we invite you to travel through the Basque Country’s green lung on a legendary journey.

The essentials you can’t miss

Tour and highlights

This is the 8th stage of the Basque Country Grand Tour, where unique flavours are mixed with history at every step.

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Etapa 8 - Lekeitio - Vitoria-Gasteiz

What to see between Lekeitio and Vitoria-Gasteiz

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What to Do from Lekeitio to Vitoria-Gasteiz

Where to eat

During this stage of your trip you will taste farmhouse cuisine and local mountain products such as mushrooms and cheese.

Basque cuisine: what not to miss.

Tolosa Beans are a variety of black bean, famous for their buttery texture and intense flavour. Traditionally, they are cooked slowly and served as the headline dish at festivals and family gatherings. The best places to try them are the sagardotegis (cider houses) and local restaurants in Tolosa, where they are prepared according to traditional recipes, often accompanied by cabbage, Ibarra chilli peppers and pork. Discover some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy this exquisite dish all year round.

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