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Guided Tour of the Igartza Monumental Complex

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Guided Tour of the Igartza Monumental Complex

An opportunity to discover the rich history of the region through a guided tour of the Igartza monumental complex, which includes palaces and other historical buildings, showcasing local architecture and history.

The 16th-century wooden Monumental Complex of Igartza in Beasain is an important historical legacy of the Basque Country.

It includes a number of medieval buildings such as a palace, mills, a foundry, and bridges, reflecting the economic and social importance of the area over the centuries.

This complex is emblematic due to its architecture and for being a living testimony to the historical and cultural evolution of the Basque Country.

In the Igartza Monumental Complex, among others, you can visit:

  • – Igartza Palace: An impressive medieval building that served as a manor house.
  • – The MIlls: Old structures used for grinding grain.
  • – The Foundry: A historical workshop where iron was worked.
  • – The Bridges: Constructions representing the engineering and design of the period.
  • – The Dam: A 16th-century wooden dam, it is the only example of this form of engineering in wood, since there is no other dam of this type on display for the public in all of Europe.
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