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Where tradition meets the sea on the Basque coast. Pasaia is a picturesque town with a maritime heritage and colourful houses that reflect its history. It was the leading whaling port in Europe, with major Basque expeditions leaving here for Newfoundland. 

Pasaia is located in a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment. 

The town comprises four neighbourhoods: Pasai Donibane, Pasai San Pedro, Antxo, and Trintxerpe. These neighbourhoods are connected by a narrow canal, which creates a unique landscape. Pasai – Donibane and Pasai San Pedro preserve a great rowing regatta tradition along with hand-crafted boat construction in Albaola. The Basque Maritime Factory in Pasai San Pedro is where they are reconstructing a full-scale replica of the whaling ship San Juan, a 16th century Basque galleon that was shipwrecked in Canada.