Stage 3


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Visit the Arditurri Mines


On your route through this stage, near Oiartzun, you can visit the Arditurri mines from where minerals were already extracted in prehistoric times.

A visit to the Arditurri mines offers an immersion into centuries of mining history in the heart of the Basque Country. This tourist experience takes you through the depths of the earth where minerals have been mined since Roman times up until the 20th century.

Visitors can explore the ancient tunnels and learn about mining techniques, the life of the miners, and the strategic importance of these resources throughout history. Located in the Aiako Harria Natural Park, the rich biodiversity and natural landscapes that surround the mines contribute added value, making it an ideal experience also for nature lovers.

After visiting the Arditurri Mines, you can continue walking along the Greenway that will take you to Lezo. The historical centre of Lezo is in an exceptional state of conservation. At its heart is the famous Basilica of Santo Cristo, renowned for its unusual depiction of a beardless Christ, a Renaissance jewel surrounded by picturesque streets and stately homes with heraldic coats of arms and square structures.

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