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Discover this exquisite traditional dessert from Donostia/San Sebastian.

It is a simple puff pastry, filled with pastry cream and topped with almonds.

Even though it is a rather simple dessert, it has managed to become a delicacy for those with a sweet tooth.

Pantxineta is a traditional Basque dessert with French influence, originally from 1915 and created at Casa Otaegui.

This sweet, known for its delicate combination of puff pastry and cream with almonds, reflects the elegance and taste of the aristocracy that frequented San Sebastian.

Although the recipe has been adopted and adapted in the region, it retains its French essence. Casa Otaegui, the birthplace of the pantxineta, is still in business, offering this iconic dessert which is recommended to be eaten in the patisserie to appreciate its freshness and flavour.

Pantxineta represents a significant part of Basque culinary and cultural history.