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Guided Tour and Lunch at a Cider House in Astigarraga

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Do you want to learn about the culture of Basque cider?

The guided tour of Sagardoetxea offers you the chance to discover the process of making Basque cider, from apple harvesting to bottling.

During this visit, a specialised guide will accompany you around the Sagardoetxea facilities, where you will be able to see how cider is made.

Throughout the tour, you will learn about the history of Basque cider, the varieties of apples used, the production methods and the different types of cider. You will also be able to taste Basque cider at its optimum moment of ageing.

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Complete your plan with the experience of eating in an authentic Basque cider house. Cider houses are restaurants specialising in the production and consumption of cider. They are usually traditional farmhouses, where you serve yourself cider directly from the kupela, which means “barrel” in Basque.

To immerse yourself in the origins of this exquisite tradition, we invite you to explore Astarbe Sagardotegia, the most historical cider house that dates back to 1563. In addition, in the vicinity of Astigarraga, there is a wide variety of cider houses, each offering experiences of unequalled quality and authenticity.

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