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Cultural walk and Aperitif at the Gastronomic Society in Hondarribia

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Discover the Basque Country’s Gastronomic Societies: A Pillar of Basque Culture. In this experience you will be able to discover the charm of the gastronomic societies or “txokos”. These culinary “clubs” represent a fundamental pillar of Basque culture and tradition, offering an intimate glimpse into the rich culinary heritage of our destination. Originating in the 19th century, gastronomic societies emerged as spaces of culinary and social freedom, paving the way for a tradition that has survived to the present day. Beyond cuisine, gastronomic societies play a crucial role in the social and cultural cohesion of our land.

With their growing fame, gastronomic societies have become an unmissable tourist attraction for those interested in the Basque Country’s culture and cuisine.

On your tour of Hondarribia, don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to visit one of the emblematic gastronomic societies. These exclusive spaces, accessible only by invitation from a member, offer you the chance to immerse yourself in authentic Basque culinary culture. Here, after your stroll through Hondarribia, you can enjoy an exquisite selection of local products, prepared and presented in a setting full of tradition and passion for gastronomy. Make your visit to Hondarribia an unforgettable experience, immersing yourself in the unique flavour and hospitality of a gastronomic society.

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