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Fish Auction in Ondarroa

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Visit the Fish Auction in Ondarroa

Ondarroa has a long and rich seafaring history that is intertwined with its identity and way of life. Founded in 1327, Ondarroa has always been linked to the sea, and its development has been marked by fishing and sailing-related activities.

Fishing was not only an economic activity but also a way of life that was passed down from generation to generation, forging a community with deep maritime roots.

Today, Ondarroa is a unique example of a port that still vibrates to the rhythm of traditional fishing, offering a window onto a world where the sea continues to be a source of life and culture.

Visiting Ondarroa allows you, through the continuity of traditional fishing or the fish market (where it is possible to witness the arrival of fish), to appreciate the importance of fishing to the identity and economy of coastal communities.

In short, on your visit to Ondarroa, visit the most important port of the Cantabrian coast and its fish market to find out how fishing activity is carried out today. Immerse yourself in the fishing tradition and learn how the most modern techniques are complemented by traditional ones.

You will be able to talk to the arrantzales (fishers) or former arrantzales while you watch the unloading, the fish auction or how the famous “Ondarroa-style Hake” is cooked. On your visit to the Port of Ondarroa,you will also be able to learn about the trades peripheral to fishing, such as the packers and net menders.

It is an ideal summer experience that requires prior booking.

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