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A picturesque port that reflects the authenticity of the Basque Country. The port is currently the Cantabrian Sea’s largest due to its volume of catches. The Port of Ondarroa also sells inshore fishery goods to the public.

From the start, the port has been the economic engine driving Ondarroa, with its original location being found along the last bend of the Artbai estuary. The old bridge was originally a drawbridge, allowing for ships to pass and solidifying its crucial role in port and fishing activities.

Did you know that Nao Victoria, the ship Juan Sebastián Elcano used to complete the first circumnavigation of the earth, was said to have been built in Ondarroa’s shipyards? In addition to its rich historical past, Ondarroa has the honour of being the birthplace of the mother of San Ignacio de Loiola, founder of the Jesuit Order, who was born in this town’s emblematic Likona Tower.