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We recommend taking a stroll around the seaside town of Lekeitio.

Its historical centre is sprinkled with rich artistic heritage, the stunning Asunción de Santa María basilica,including one of the Basque Country’s most noteworthy religious monuments, Euskadi – Basque Countrywhich is home to an admirable Gothic altarpiece that is the Iberian peninsula’s third largest.

One of Lekeitio’s most cherished spots is Garraitz island, also known as San Nicolás island due to a now-lost hermitage that was erected with this dedication. It is separated from the coast by only a few metres, but can only be accessed by foot at low tide to enjoy its breathtaking views of the open sea The island faces the tranquil Isuntza beach, which is quite close to the port and old town, making it an ideal spot to enjoy with the family.