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Gorbeia Natural Park

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Visit the Gorbeia Natural Park

The Gorbeia Natural Park, located between the historical territories of Bizkaia and Alava, spreads out majestically around Mount Gorbeia, whose peak reaches an altitude of 1,481 metres.

This park is an emblematic destination for those who love nature and hiking, offering panoramic views and a rich biodiversity. One of its most recognisable symbols is the imposing Gorbeia Cross, which stands 18 metres high at the summit, serving as a historical and cultural landmark that attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Gorbeia Natural Park is characterised by a landscape that is 70% covered by dense beech, oak and pine forests. The meadows of the park are dotted with huts and folds, testimony to the rich shepherding tradition of the region. In addition, spread around the area are historical buildings such as old ironworks and farmhouses, which exemplify the typical local rural architecture and add immense cultural value to the natural beauty of the surroundings.

During your visit to this natural paradise you will find numerous activities to do: hiking trails, kayaking, horse riding, picnics in the open air, golf in the mountains and much more.

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