Stage 8


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Located between the Gorbeia and Urkiola Natural Parks you will find Otxandio, a place where you can enjoy rich natural and cultural heritage. 

Visit the architectural complex of Plaza Nagusia, including the Santa Marina church, town hall, and Vulcano fountain. Explore history in Plaza Andikona and enjoy the landscapes of the Urkiola and Gorbeia Natural Parks. Don’t miss the opportunities for mycology, outdoor sports like hiking and cycling, and sampling Basque gastronomy, particularly from the famous Artzai Gazta, an association of farms run by shepherds who make the Idiazabal Protected Designation of Origin cheese.

On your journey, take particular note of La Plaza Andikona. This is the historic site of Europe’s first bombardment of civilians on 22 July 1936. During local festivities, planes bombed the historic centre, resulting in the tragic loss of 57 lives, including children. Today, this space commemorates its victims and is home to Nestor Basterretxea’s “Heriotza zerutik etorri jakun” sculpture, remembering that sad event as a testament to peace.

During your visit to Otxandio, make sure to explore the pelota court and bolatoki (traditional bowling alley), two leisure facilities that are and have been pillars of social life in this town. These spaces don’t just offer entertainment, but also stand as living testaments to the region’s rich sporting tradition.