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Urkiola Natural Park

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Visit to the Urkiola Natural Park

Visiting the Urkiola Natural Park means immersing yourself in an environment of nature and spirituality. A mystic journey through legends and landscapes.

Nestled in the heart of the Basque Country, the Urkiola Natural Park offers an enchanting escape into vast forests, steep rocks, and surprising mountain ridges.

Discover timid wildlife hidden in its lush vegetation, including foxes, boars, griffon vultures, and others. Lovers of adventure and nature will find Urkiola to be the perfect destination for hiking and wildlife observation.

Discover the Ancient and Sacred: The Sanctuary of Urkiola.

Located in the centre of the Basque Country Autonomous Community, the Sanctuary of Urkiola stands as a testament to the deep spiritual roots of the region that pre-date Christianity. While the exact date of the building remains a mystery, historians suggest that it dates back to sometime between the 8th and 11th centuries. Don’t miss the mysterious rock located outside the sanctuary. This monument is shrouded in local legends about love and marriage, adding a unique cultural twist to your visit.

Climb the legendary Mount Anboto. Rising up 1,331 metres, Mount Anboto dominates the Durangaldea landscape as the most prominent and mystical peak of the Urkiola Natural Park. The mountain is accessible by various routes, and this journey into the heart of Basque mythology is a paradise for hikers. Explore the cave of Mari, home of the venerated Basque goddess, and be enraptured by the ancient legends that represent her as a fiery orb travelling across the heavens.