Perretxiko (wild mushroom)

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St George’s Mushroom, known in different places as perretxiko, moixernó or Udaberriko Ziza Zuri, is a mycological treasure, highly appreciated and sought after by enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

With the arrival of spring, this mushroom emerges from its winter rest, sprouting in meadows and forest perimeters, especially in formations known as “witches’ rings”.

his wild variety is noted for its strong aroma, reminiscent of fresh flour and yeast, and a flavour that evokes the freshness of the meadow and freshly kneaded bread. Its compact texture and ability to combine with a variety of ingredients make it a versatile component in the kitchen.

Considered a luxury of nature, the St George’s Mushroom or Perretxiko is a rare delicacy due to its limited availability and specific collection methods. It can be tasted in a typical recipe such as the Perretxiko Omelette