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Located in the Enkarterri region, this enchanting town is surrounded by exuberant nature and offers visitors an authentic experience that combines history, tradition, and picturesque landscapes.

In Galdames, you can immerse yourself in the industrial history of the region by exploring the Loizaga Tower, which is home to an impressive collection of Rolls-Royce vehicles, offering a unique vision of luxury and elegance over the years.

Enjoy the serenity of natural Galdames, where the Ordunte reservoir and its surroundings provide a perfect setting for outdoor activities. Hiking trails like the one past Galdames’s windmills will take you through lush forests and landscapes that will transport you to another era.

The local architecture is marked by centuries-old churches and stone houses, telling the history of Galdames throughout time. The San Miguel church and other historical sites will immerse you in this town’s rich cultural heritage.

Local bars and restaurants offer the opportunity to enjoy the Basque Country’s delicious gastronomy, with traditional dishes that reflect the region’s authenticity.

Discover Galdames, with its unique combination of history, nature, and culture, where Basque authenticity can be found around every corner.