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With its rich maritime history and unique architecture, Portugalete invites you to explore its cobblestone alleyways and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere that gives this town its character.

The Bizkaia Bridge is a masterpiece of 19th-century engineering and a World Heritage site, as well as being the emblematic symbol of Portugalete. Cross this colossal structure and enjoy the breathtaking views of the estuary and town, a unique experience combining history and modernity.

Stroll through Portugalete’s old town, where the Plaza de la Villa and Santa María church offer a view into the city’s historic past. Discover the lively, charm-filled Plaza del Solar, surrounded by bars and restaurants that invite you to come in and savour the Basque Country’s delicious cuisine.

The Abra Royal Maritime Club and Marina offer a lively seaside tableau, where yachts and fishing boats coexist in a picturesque environment.

Museums such as the Rialia Museum and Museum of Industry are must-see stops for those looking to explore the region’s rich industrial and maritime history. With its mix of tradition and modernity, Portugalete is a unique destination that invites visitors to discover its heritage, culture, and coastal beauty.