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Visit to the Artziniega Ethnographic Museum

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Immerse yourself in a unique historical adventure at the Artziniega Museum, a place where the 19th century comes to life before your eyes. This museum is a treasure trove for those who delight in exploring ancient times and want to understand what daily life was like in the Ayala Valley. 

For younger visitors, it is a window into an ancient and mysterious world, offering an invaluable opportunity to appreciate and contrast modern conveniences with the ways of life in bygone days. For adults, on the other hand, it is a nostalgic immersion in history, evoking memories of grandmother’s stories or recalling objects and scenes from times gone by.

The tour begins in the ground floor auditorium, where you will embark on an exploration of nine themed rooms. Here, you will learn about traditional trades and the products that defined daily life: the weaver’s wool, the dressmaker’s thread, the shoemaker’s leather, the blacksmith’s iron, the beekeeper’s honey, as well as the bread and cheese that sustained the community. Only a few stairs separate you from the eight rooms on the first floor, each dedicated to a cultural, educational or traditional aspect of the late 19th and early 20th century.

The building attached to the museum houses four permanent exhibition spaces: the Landaluce Shoe Factory of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Vehicle workshop, the Mythological creatures corner and the Animated film workshop. 

Be sure to check the current programme before your visit so you don’t miss any of the interesting exhibitions or events the museum has to offer.

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