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Guided tour of Santurtzi

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Discover Santurce, Santurtzi in Basque, a municipality with a rich history linked to the sea.

Traditionally, fishing was carried out with traineras, rowing boats that characterised the activity until the beginning of the 20th century. These gave way to more modern boats powered by steam or internal combustion engines, increasing the fishing capacity and efficiency. The transition from wooden to iron boats marked a significant advance in Santurtzi’s fishing industry. 

In its most prosperous period, Santurtzi boasted around fifty wooden boats, supporting almost 200 people through fishing. 

Today, the Agurtza Boat is preserved as an emblematic witness of that past, offering new generations a window to the maritime legacy of the municipality. With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, Santurtzi underwent a profound transformation. The port was expanded and modernised, promoting the growth of the iron industry and shipping, which in turn attracted workers from different regions of Spain and reshaped the social and economic structure of the area. 

Over time, Santurtzi has continued to evolve. While fishing remains an important activity, industry and services have become more important. Today, Santurtzi is renowned for its busy commercial port, its charming seafront promenade, and a vibrant cultural scene manifested in festivals and events.

Its fishing past can still be recalled if you go to the port. On the port’s quay you can immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. Each visit has something different in store for you. You may come across sailors carefully repairing their nets or watch the local rowing team gliding nimbly along the estuary at dusk. As you walk along the quay, you will discover gems of industrial heritage such as the old manual crane, a silent witness to the port’s history. 

At its foot, vibrant mosaics tell stories of childhoods marked by the evacuation by sea during the Civil War, adding layers of memory and meaning to the landscape. 

Dominating the fishing port and gazing out over the sea horizon is the figure of the Virgen del Carmen, co-patron saint of Santurtzi together with San Jorge. Its presence is a symbol of protection and devotion for the seafaring community, setting the pace of life and traditions in this vibrant port. Don’t miss the chance to visit Santurtzi during its festivities, which are held in July to coincide with the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen.

On your guided tour of Santurtzi you will discover why this municipality continues to keep its legacy alive while embracing the future. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of this charming seaside town through an experience at the Museum of the Sea.

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