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Discover Muskiz, an enchanting town in the Enkarterri region. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and coast, Muskiz offers visitors a unique combination of impressive landscapes, cultural heritage, and a welcoming environment.

Stroll through Muzkiz’s old town, where cobblestone streets and traditional squares reveal the history of a town marked by its industrial past and rich cultural heritage. With its imposing presence, the San Juan Bautista church is a testament to religious architecture that has endured the test of time over centuries.

For nature lovers, Muskiz offers the Montes de Triano Natural Park, a green space where you can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and bird watching. The nearby La Arena beach adds a coastal touch to the experience, inviting you to relax and enjoy the marine landscape.

Muskiz’s industrial history is reflected in places like the La Arboleda mining complex, a testament to the region’s important mining industry. The La Esperanza Foundry also dates back to the 19th century, as a historical milestone that is of particular note thanks to the town’s contribution to the area’s industrial development.

The local gastronomy won’t disappoint either, with restaurants offering authentic Basque specialities. Enjoy traditional cuisine in a cosy environment, where you will be delighted by bean stews with all their garnishes.