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What to see in Gipuzkoa

Leintz Gatzaga is a small town located in the Alto Deba region, in the province of Gipuzkoa.
Oñati is a historic town located in the heart of Gipuzkoa surrounded by an unrivalled natural landscape. Its historic centre was declared a Historical Artistic Site, and is home to rich architectural and cultural heritage.
Visit the Santa María Hermitage, known as La Antigua and acclaimed as the "cathedral of Basque hermitages". Built on top of a 12th century fort, this church dates back to 1366 and was the parochial centre of Zumarraga until 1576.
For centuries, the town of Segura has marked the route between Castile and France, preserving its rich legacy through its impressive palaces and noble houses.
A must-see destination located in the heart of Gipuzkoa, this historic town is known for its weekly market dating back to the 13th century.
Located in the exuberant Oria estuary valley, Tolosa invites you to explore its history- and tradition-rich streets. This picturesque town is a reflection of the Basque Country’s rich culture.