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Plentziais a picturesque coastal village. With its tradition of fishing and sailing, this town is home to one of the Cantabrian Sea’s largest ports and shipyards.

Its natural surroundings are unparalleled, with an estuary running from Butrón Castle (Gatika) to where it empties out into the Bay, creating a 6-kilometre walk that is part of the GR 280 trail.

Plentzia Bay has a particular charm, with the alleys and buildings of its Old Town, small boats lapped by the estuary, the bustle of activity along its seaside promenade, the mouthwatering waft of its culinary treasures and, of course, the beach, with one of the most visited stretches of sand in all of Bizkaia, offering visitors a chance for a dip as well as water sports like surfing, paddle boarding, and canoeing.