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For its part, Getxo is a town that stands out due to its elegant architecture, stunning cliffs, and beaches that invite visitors to relax and enjoy the Basque coast. It was in the second half of the 19th century when Getxo experienced its most gilded age and saw the beginning of its history as a tourist destination. Las Arenas became a favourite summer getaway for the aristocracy and upper bourgeoisie from Bilbao as well as surrounding inland provinces.

Don’t miss Algorta’s Old Port. You will be transported to a small fishing village combining old buildings that were inhabited by sailors, and the hustle and bustle of pintxo bars with views of the lovely landscape unique to the Basque coast.

You can also enjoy a route along the cliffs: La Galea is a route found on the Getxo coast where you can enjoy the most stunning panoramic views of the Port of Abra. Reminiscent of the famous greyish-white cliffs of Normandy in France and Dover in England, this recreational area is open to foreigners and visitors, and offers expansive natural spaces to enjoy getting in touch with nature.