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Ea - Qué visitar de Bilbao a Lekeitio

Did you know that the town with the shortest name in Spain can be found in the Basque Country?

Ea stands out thanks to its small yet charming old town, with its stone bridges and exceptional location in one of the Basque coast’s most striking areas.

Its highlights include the town centre, its beaches, the watchtower, and port.

The town also has four churches and three hermitages, reflecting its rich history and cultural diversity.

Ea’s houses and groups of farmhouses around the port and in the Natxitua and Bedarona neighbourhoods represent noteworthy examples of traditional Basque architecture.

One of Ea’s unique characteristics is Belletxe, a fishermen’s house that is well-known locally because of its name, located at the mouth of the estuary and depicted in the town’s crest.