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Izki Natural Park

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A perfect spot for birdwatching tourism

31 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz is the Izki Natural Park, a perfect spot for birdwatching tourism, walks and excursions on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

It is an extensive, mostly forested area crossed by the river Izki and bordered by mountains, the highest peak being Mount Kapildui (1,176 m).

In the Izki Natural Park, the hermit caves of Laño, Faido and Marquínez will attract your attention. The gorges and crags of Arluzea and the village of Peñacerrada are also worth a visit. Furthermore, from Korres you can cross the Izki Ravine and reach Bujanda.

Did you know that this park was originally water? Between 40 and 100 million years ago this area was covered by a shallow sea, as you can see by the presence of fossilised bivalves, corals, algae and other marine life within the rocks of this Natural Park. Fossilised remains of large vertebrates, such as dinosaur eggs, have also been found.

You are in the perfect place for birding or ornithological tourism, hiking or mountain biking.

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