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Santa Maria Cathedral

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Enjoy a guided tour of this temple

Catedral de Santa María

Santa Maria Cathedral is located in the old quarter of Vitoria-Gasteiz. A Catholic church in Gothic style, it was built in the late 13th century and throughout the 14th century. It was built as a church-fortress, with a large volume and an enclosed appearance, especially to the north, forming part of the city’s defence.

Between 1496 and 1861 it was a collegiate church, and in that year it acquired the status of cathedral. It has a Latin cross layout, a wide transept and an ambulatory with chapels.

The monumental sculptures on the façade are of great artistic importance. The western portico is a true masterpiece, divided into three façades: the one in the centre dedicated to the Virgin, the one on the left to St. Giles and the one on the right to the Last Judgement and St. James.

It is currently undergoing restoration by the Vitoria-Gasteiz Cathedral Foundation, which manages guided visits of the church and oversees the works.

On your route through Vitoria-Gasteiz you can enjoy a guided tour of this temple. The tourist visit to Vitoria’s Cathedral begins with an audiovisual that describes the construction problems of the temple and its restoration process. You can go up to the crypt to learn about its history and that of the city, contemplate the millennium vault in the nave, and admire the chapels and the walkway. The visit offers a unique view from the triforium and concludes at the portico, highlighting the quality of the tympanums of one of the most outstanding Gothic façades of the peninsula.

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