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Llanada Alavesa

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Discover the Llanada Alavesa

A grand corridor of dry land that contrasts with the landscapes of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

One by one, towns appear: Barria with an old medieval monastery – , home to the 16th-century Lazarraga palace, with a gigantic crest on its façade and an ethnographic museum. Agurain/Salvatierra, the most monument-rich town of Llanada Alavesa, and the one that best maintains the remains of the walled section that protected it.

On a map, Agurain/Salvatierra’s shape will remind you of Vitoria-Gasteiz: another medieval almond-shape with only three parallel, scarcely-interconnected streets named after the guilds that worked on them. The town is full of stately homes (almost all of them with impressive crests), with its two ends guarded by two churches resembling fortresses: Santa María and San Juan, both built into the old city wall.