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Orduña is a fascinating enclave that combines Basque tradition, history, and nature. Its historic centre was declared a monumental ensemble, and transports visitors to bygone eras with its cobblestone streets and the imposing Santa María church. Flanked by century-old buildings, the Plaza de los Fueros serves as the epicentre of local life, where residents congregate around the fountain creating a lively, authentic atmosphere.

Orduña’s natural beauty is revealed through the Nervión river, which winds through the city offering picturesque landscapes. Local bridges provide stunning views, while the nearby Gorbeia Natural Park invites hikers to explore lush forests and panoramic trails.

This combination of urban and natural environments make Orduña a unique destination that attracts those hoping to immerse themselves in the history of its cobblestone streets as well as nature lovers looking for outdoor adventures.

Discovering Orduña means embarking on a journey where authenticity, history, and exuberant nature combine to create a unique experience in the heart of the Basque Country.